Analysis: I Won T Roll The Biological Dice

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I Won’t Roll the Biological Dice In most societies it is celebrated when a woman gives birth to a child. It is normal and obvious that women want to marry and raise children. But for some women, this is not true. What makes a woman decide that being a mother is not a role she wants to pursue? Here are some reasons: Economic recession, infertility, education and career ambition, or medical issues, might make a woman not want to be a mother. Jessica Handler is choosing childlessness because of her biological dice is facing disbelief and disapproval from friends, family, and society in general. I agree with the choice that Ms. Handler made to not be a mother. Being an effective parent is a huge responsibility that a responsible woman needs…show more content…
Jessica Handler was genetically tested. The test showed that she has a 67% chance of passing on the illness responsible for her younger sister’s death. The statistics were sobering, and they meant that her husband and her would never have a child of their own. Even adoption frightened Jessica. The author grieved the loss of that version of her future. Knowing that her child could carry the danger in her cells, she chose not to take the risk. Ms. Handler states: “my husband understood I knew that in deciding not to be a mother, I was making a choice that would define the rest of my life.” Miss Handler fear surpassed longing. She fears that her child would be ill and die before his time, or that her child would be well and she would worry her away from her. Jessica Handler allows fear to control her decision. Jessica is not an anti-child curmudgeon. This courageous woman is leading teenagers and loving every minute that she spent with her students. But the author says: “little girls remind me of my sisters when they were young. They stop my heart when they run across a playground or walk past me hand by hand. They turn back time in a way that nothing else can.” When she thinks about her own genetic predisposition for carrying a deadly
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