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One Of Those Books Where Sonya Sones Is The Author “People often talk about having an inner child, but I have an inner teen” ~Sonya Sones (Young Adult). Sonya Sones is young adult author who writes her novels in verse form rather than prose, which means the pages are a series of poems which, when read in order, tell a story. Sones has a interesting biography to get her to where she is today, numerous publications and awards, positive criticism, and a unique style. Sonya Sones was born in Boston Massachusetts. She grew up wanting to be an artist. When she was younger she would paint in a little room up in her attic. When Sones turned 17 she fell in love with making animated films. She then enrolled in a Hampshire College for animation. Shortly after that she started teaching animation to children all over the country. While she was getting her bachelors degree in filmmaking and photography she taught a film…show more content…
Sometimes the verses rhyme, and sometimes they don’t but either way the story is told. In the book What My Mother Doesn’t Know the main character Sophie is telling the story. Page 89 reads “More or Less”/ If Dylan and I had met/ by chatting on the net/ in a room in cyberspace/ instead of face to face/ and I hadn’t seen his lips/ or the way he moves his hips/ when he does that sexy dance/ and I hadn’t had the chance/ to look into those eyes/ or be dazzled by their size/ and all that I had seen/ were his letters on my screen,/ then I might as well confess:/ I think I would have liked him/ less/(WMMDK). Though this is a poem, and in the middle of the story, it pertains to the story, and keeps the story going. I really like Sonya Sones work, I read her first novel Stop Pretending when I was in 7th grade, and loved her work. Everything she writes about are things I’ve gone through, tried, or thought
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