Lorrie Moore's Who Will Run The Frog Hospital?

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Introduction Among the most promising American short story writers to emerge during the 1980s, Moore is well-known due to her clever wordplay, irony, and sardonic humor of her creative writing, all of which usually masks an underlying sadness or trauma experienced by her characters. Moore sketches the character in their stories as they are real and are living being (Roberts, pg 181-183). She gets inspiration from the events happening around her. Discussion Lorrie Moore is one of the most respected literary writers of her generation. She was born in Glen Falls, New York; Moore was interested in creative writing as a young child. Her parents participated in a local community theatre, where Moore learned to appreciate drama and language. Academically gifted, she advanced quickly…show more content…
Which was published in 1994 and the short story collections Self-Help published in 1985 and Birds of America in 1998, Moore presents female protagonists who are often exploring loss or moving toward a new, undefined stage in their lives. Her darkly comic stories are filled with relationships in which the partners feel alone and devoid of hope. Her adult characters typically find themselves coping with realizations that their lives will not fulfill their hopes and dreams; consequently, they experience feelings of displacement and unease. Moore's fiction has appeared in numerous periodicals, including the New Yorker, which featured one of her best known stories, “People Like That Are the Only People Here,” in 1998. Lorrie Moore expertly uses her humor to provide readers with an in-depth look at character identity. Moore is mostly known for her short stories, which rely on a smart play of words, irony and sardonic black humor that normally hides the characters' underlying sorrow or traumatic experiences. One of the most remarkable things about Moore is that there is an absence of melodrama in her

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