Sylvia Plath And Anne Sexton

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Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath were both born in Massachusetts. Plath lived in the city of Boston and Sexton lived in the city of Newton (Encyclopedia, Britannica). They were both confessional poets, and exposed their personal emotions in their poetry. The writers established their friendship after attending a seminar given by Robert Lowell at Boston University. (Poetry Dispatch)To me biggest similarity between Sexton & Plath was both writers seemed obsessed with death not only in their poetry but also in their personal lives. Although both women were Pulitzer Prize winners, their battle with depression and breakdowns ultimately lead both women to committee suicide. Plath's "Ariel" and Sexton's "The Starry Night" both celebrate suicide (Sylvia Plath forum/Poetry Foundation). After Plath's death, Sexton started to incorporate Plath's themes and Nazi imagery into her own work. Despite communicating only sporadically between 1959 and Plath's suicide, both women were definitively influenced by their brief friendship, showing in their respective works. I think personal feelings about things like death, trauma, suicide and relationships began to be dealt with in poems would be very difficult to write about. It really made me think as I read the poems the two women had written and to know how they both choice to end their lives. I know that my life is not perfect, and I get upset with others from time to time but I also know that God only give me as much as I can handle at a
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