Personal Narrative: My Experience With Literacy

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Throughout my day I deal with literacy in every aspect. I never realized how important it was but reading and writing is such a major part of an everyday life. Learning to read and write is such a privilege that not many take advantage of the opportunity. In some cases when literacy is in your finger tips it is slipped away because the challenge to do more with the knowledge is not there or given. I count myself as one of the lucky few in this world who grew up in an environment where the abilities to read and write were considered very valuable skills. The starting point of my literacy happened when I said my first words. I watched the way my family reacted toward things giving me the knowledge to read the reactions of others. My parents…show more content…
I can remember the books my mother use to read out loud to me before bed. I remember every night before bed, it was this book called “I Love You Forever and Always” she use to read to us all the time. This was the only way my sister and I would go to sleep. When the first day of my kindergarten class started at a catholic school, I remember walking into the class room I saw all of these new kids around me and a whole bunch more books. The one book that stood out to me was the book my mom use to read to me. All I could think of was to read more new books with my mom. I was so excited to begin to learn. Every day I remember coming home and telling my parents all the amazing stories I listen to in class. Even thou at the time I didn’t know they were called Nursery Rhymes until I began learning more about it in my school. Having my parents read to me at a very young age somewhat jumpstarted my brain and led me to learn lots of words and phrases as a kid. Being that they read to me every night, I always was listening and hearing words and even sometimes having an image to relate words to. I believe that the reading that was done for me every night before I went to bed was a large part of my learning to read. At this age, it was almost as if I’d rather not see the words, but just listen to them and look at all the pictures. Little did I know that at that age literacy was such a exciting challenge I wanted to

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