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A long time ago, there was a time of hatred and discrimination focused on Jews in the 1930’s. This event was known as the Holocaust. A young girl, Anne Frank, is remembered today for her impact on views of the Holocaust. Anne had a diary that she wrote in, about her family’s, the Van Daans’, and Jan Dussel’s experiences while hiding in the Secret Annex to keep from being discovered by the Nazis. We are going to discuss Anne’s diary, Anne’s passion for writing, the value of her diary, Anne as a writer, and why her diary is so popular. At age 13, Anne Frank received her diary for her birthday during the time of the Holocaust. Anne was very young to be experiencing such a tragic event, but she found ways to cope with it. One of these ways Anne coped with the event was to write. She wrote about every event that occurred during her time in the Secret Annex with 8 other occupants. Anne was very intelligent and surely fluent in writing. When Anne…show more content…
She wrote to pass the time and as a way to cope with hard times. She wrote in her diary for hours each day for 2 years, describing everything that happened to her during the Holocaust. You could definitely say nothing about the Holocaust was a joyful experience for her. Another thing about Anne was, she was an intelligent and creative girl for her young age. Her creativity and intelligence contributed to her amazing writing skills. She wasn’t able to do much while hiding. One of the activities she could actually do was to write in her diary. She admired the art of writing and she wrote a lot to pass time. Writing made her happy because she was able to confide in her diary. She considered it her friend since she couldn’t have any friends while hiding. It was what she was best at. Her diary was just very inspiring and touching that now, her diary has been translated into so many languages. Now people all around the world can read and see the impact Anne has made on

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