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A Girl From Yamhill Beverly Cleary I selected Beverly Cleary to read about because she is a well known author, especially by youth’s. She has wrote many famous books for many different ages like children’s picture books as well as juvenile fiction and young adult novels. She is best known for her stories about little Ramona Quimby. She has accomplished a lot; she was even named a library of Congress “Living Legend” in 2000. I was pleased with what I read, since she took one of her teacher’s advice and made it a reality. Although her mother attempted to home school her, she had a hard time learning to read as a child, it wasn’t because she couldn’t read, it was primarily because she…show more content…
This story was about two ordinary children like Cleary and their adventures, Beverly Cleary found happiness and a sense of release reading the book. After this story she read day and night and even went on to reading The Swiss Twins. This booked opened the door for her to read more books and soon enough she was reading all the books for children in the library by the age of 8 years old. A turning point in Beverly Cleary live is when she came across a book named The Dutch Twins. It was the first book she had came across that interest her and that dealt with other children that were her age. This impacted her life majorly because she then went on to reading another booked called The Swiss Twins which mainly inspired her to read more books and eventually read for children in the library. It really made a positive turn in her life when she went to earning a BA in librarianship from the university of Washington Seattle. Then she got a job as a children’s librarian in Yakima; Washington, where she told stories to many children and out what stories and books they enjoyed reading

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