Charlotte Machado's Diary Summary

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Dear diary, My name is Amelia Charlotte Machado and I am 10 years old. Today is the 1/6/1496. I started writing this diary because Bella, my best friend, is writing one. She always talks about how fun it is, so I thought I should give it a try. Today was excellent! In grammar school a new boy came into class he said his name was James Coli and he just moved from Scotland to London a week ago. He is very nice and I think I want him to be best friends with Bella and I. After grammar school Bella, James and I went into town square. In town square we went to the bakery, the tailor and the book store. The book store was my favourite because I finally found the book I have been searching for. After that we went back to my castle and had afternoon tea with my mother. It was lots of fun but then Bella had to go…show more content…
* Could afford materials such as satin and/or velvet * Usually had more layers/materials as they could afford it * Royalty wore gold and silver accessories as well as purple silk * Wore fancy head pieces * The wealthy lived in large castles * They had drawbridges, wells and could grow their own crops * Often had big halls with beautiful artwork and décor * Had slaves and maids * Were usually made out of stone and surrounding by a lake * Generally placed on top of a hill or
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