Their Eyes Were Watchng God: Inspirational Story or Romance?

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Their Eyes Were Watching God: Inspirational Story or Romance? The novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, is a very powerful and emotionally moving piece of Literature. The movie, although made with a different purpose, still captures significant details and emotions, which makes it an unforgettable motion picture. The author, Zora Neale Hurston, and the director, Darnell Martin, approach their works with different purposes in mind. The author, being the original creator, wrote this book to inspire women by sharing the story of Janie developing as a woman and finding her own voice. The author’s purpose is clear through her descriptive detail of the trials and challenges Janie faced throughout the novel. The director, on the other hand, in not the original creator and is only adapting. His Purpose was clear through the extensive length of time spent on Janie and Tea Cake’s relationship and by his omitting key details that did not fit into his new story line. A major difference that I noticed while watching the movie is the director’s characterization of Tea Cake. The director does not include many scenes that could possibly portray Tea Cake in a negative light. For example, when Mrs. Turner brings her brother to meet Janie with hope that Janie will take interest in him, Tea Cake does not like this and before the week is out he whips Janie (Hurston 147). Tea Cake beats Janie to relieve his own insecurities and because being able to whip her reassures his possession of Janie (147). I believe the director leaves this out in fear that this incident would change the viewers’ perspective of Tea Cake and Janie’s relationship. The absence of this scene in the movie shows evidence of the author’s true intention of creating a love story. In the novel, Tea Cake was about to bite Janie right before she shot him, but the movie does not include this. I think the director

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