Society’S Views Of An Ideal Family

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An ideal family is what society, as a whole, considers it to be and this view has long been changing since the past couple of years. The earliest view of an ideal family was a traditional one that consisted of grandparents, a father, a mother and their children. Today this view has changed. An ideal family can be described as one with a parent who is supportive and plays an active part in the child’s life. This parent or parents should be able to provide for their family and teach their kids values while raising them. The family should be happy and grow both mentally and physically. The views of an ideal family are being portrayed in various television shows and advertisements and are a big reason by which people realize and accept what an ideal family is today. These shows and advertisements portray the current change and what a family is made up of now. Although traditional families are still used as a greater part of marketing campaigns that are targeting families, many advertisers are progressively creating more campaigns that portray a family with same gender parents, single parents and parents with different races and today this can be viewed as an ideal family. Earlier products were marketed with families made up of a traditional structure but due to changing nature and how most things are now being accepted; products are also marketed with families other than that of a traditional structure. A very popular sitcom today ‘Modern Family’ is based around an extended family and shares the stories of a crazy fun-loving family. The show revolves around an extended family that consists of a traditional couple with children, a gay couple that has adopted an Asian kid and an older couple with different racial backgrounds who have been divorced prior to the present marriage. Today, a lot of families have similar structures as those shown in ‘Modern Family’ and
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