Social Relations to Cyber Bullying

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Social Relations to Cyber Bullying Relationships are important. Having a good relationship with everyone that surrounds you is ideal, although it seems a little impossible in society today. Having a good relationship in junior high and high school in the world today is important to a lot of students because it means that they are fitting in and accepted. A lot of students feel that fitting and being popular is the most important thing in the world. So what if you are different and you don’t fit in? Bullying has traditionally been considered to be a major school problem. It usually occurs before peers at school. Most students are teased, taunted, and harassed but today, it’s not necessarily face-to-face, it’s online. Several years ago, bullying consisted of one or several people attacking a victim. After the early 1990s approached, cyber bullying became more and more popular because the internet and electronics became more and more popular. Hundreds of people are guilty of being cyber bullies and there are even more people who are victims of it. Cyber bullying gives the internet an even worse reputation. Are people becoming more and more reliant on the internet to fight their battles for them because they are too afraid to do it in person? Cyber bullying affects a teenager’s learning in school as well as affecting social relationships with the world outside of the internet. Cyber bullying has tainted the image of the internet because the internet is no longer an easier way to keep things organized, to do research, or for homework, but to harass peers in a nonverbal way. What exactly is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is when the use of new technologies such as computers and mobile phones are used in order to harass a person. There are some junior high and high school students that don't have very many friends in school or outside of school because they are

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