Social Norm: Normalities Of Society

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Social norms are what is considered to be acceptable in a given situation, but sometimes they are often unfair or injustice and are changed. The social norms we follow today are sometimes questioned by people on whether or not they are fair to everyone but to others, they are considered fair. so when is it appropriate to question normalities of society? It is appropriate to question social norms whenever they appear to be unfair, unequal, and just plain out wrong. social norms are constantly changing from each time period so who is to say what we consider socially acceptable now won't change in another twenty years. In Huckle Berry Finn it was thought to be normal and okay to have enslaved African Americans and to treat them harshly and unequal compared to others. Even though Finn's conscious would tell him that it was wrong he'd often ignore it because it was considered a normal thing to treat slaves poorly and harshly.But if we tried treating African Americans the way they had been treated back then it would cause a huge amount of backlash because we know how unfair and cruel it is to deprive someone of being treated equal…show more content…
What we have considered taboo in previous years is now becoming just as normal as straight couples being able to marry. there are things we may consider to be normal and acceptable now that later down the line we look back to see how unfair they really were. Social norms will always change because Our beliefs on what is right are always changing. Social norms can never be perfect because not everyone will think the same or believe in the same things there will always be some type of flaw. So when will it be appropriate to question social norms? The thing about social norms is that they will always be questioned as long as what we consider fair and equal changes so will the normalities of
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