Does America Offer Equal Justice To The Rich And The Poor

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Guilty or not Guilty ? How much justice does America offer ? Does America offer equal justice to the rich and the poor ? Is our legal system as a effective as it claims to be ? Well let’s just look at a couple of examples that have occurred through our history. For example, Michael Vick and Teddy Kennedy. Michael Vick is a famous football player that had some run ins with the law. The charge was for illegal dog fighting. But not only did he finance the dog fighting, he killed dogs, and abused them. The minimum sentence for these crimes is about five years, yet Michael only served about a year in jail. Was…show more content…
Justice in the United States of American means being fair or just. Maybe once upon a time that definition seemed to fit the word justice but somehow throw the years and all the corruption the definition for justice changed in my view. Nowadays, I see that justice only work for the elite not us middle and lower class folks. Yes it may be true that sometimes there is justice though it’s not that common. There are more events that display injustice in our society nevertheless we the people tend to look the other way and allow our legal system to continue being this way. And why is that we look the other way ? We look the other way when something is injustice because we know that fighting it will not bring justice therefore the battle is already lost. So ask me again what justice means to me ? Over the years as I gain more and more knowledge about the country I live in my perception of justice changes. I now believe that without money there is no
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