Acceptance vs Discrimination

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Acceptance vs Discrimination Today's world is full filled of hate, despite, and discrimination. Why have we changed on the perspective we used to have where the world lived in peace? Most people base others by their appearance or intellectual on the daily living. People may get jealous or frustrated of what others have that they cannot posses for any reason. Although reality have taught us that to be someone important and to be sophisticated you have to fight for ti and earn it; having in mind that you are going to achieve what you proposed to do. There are always going to be challenges that you have to overcome without letting anyone throw you off the right way, you should always follow what is on your heart and it will make you choose what is the best for you. On the other hand people will critique someone for various specific reasons such as not having manners that go along with them. Comparing Baldwin essay and Murkherjee essays we can see the arguments on how people react when others are different or have other traditions or cultures. Life can be very cruel. Baldwin compares on how hard is life and how he used to struggle just like people do when they have moved to a new place or country to live in for the rest of their life and make a new change. Newcomers have to adapt to a new culture in order to cope with the society and the community around them. That is one of the ways to be accepted in the world. Otherwise a good example of discrimination is that some years ago it was tougher for African-Americans, they were totally discriminated and left out of the groups and their own environment just for having a different colored skin. Baldwin is reminiscing the life he had before which was great compared to the one he is having now that nobody used to discriminated him back in his nature land, or point at him just for being of another race. He shows that life is
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