Social Identity Theory Saq

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The sit is a theory that establishes that a person has their own identity and a social identity. By social identity I mean the social group with which someone associates. There are a few studies that support this theory from which I’m going to describe 2 tajfels (1970), at the end of the study it was shown that the boys chose to maximize their differences over group over maximizing their profit. You can see that by doing this the kids decided to choose their group identity over their social identity. Another study is Zimbardo’s prison study. This study shows how both the prisoners and the guards take on the roll that has been assigned to them quickly dropping their previous identities. It also shows how the prisoners identify with their in-group and rebel against them. This shows that people peoples behavior is not only individual but also from our social selves and this studies help me prove that we have a social identity in addition to our individual one. In the contrary just like any other theory there are strengths and limitation. The limitations of this theory are that The SIT predicts that group failure will lead to reduced association with the group, but this has been disproven this states that’s this theory is not true cross culturally in collectivist cultures.. There is a study by Chen et al. (1998) that shows that students in USA evaluated the out-group more favorably if they succeeded and their in-group didn’t. this was shown opposite to what Chinese students would do. Although SIT does accurately predict in-group favoritism (or lack of) in individualist cultures, it does not always do so in collectivist
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