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Argument Diagram Assignment Claim • Utah is a leader in educational reform. Sub-Claim 1. ACT test scores are better overall in Utah. 2. Utah does better than other states with lower public education funding. Warrant 1. Test Scores are a good indicator of college preparedness/knowledge. 2. A States efficiency of educational funds is important for the state and the country. Grounds 1. Test Scores are better in Utah than Florida. 2. Florida spends twice as much as Utah per student. Backing • Among the 27 State whose students took the ACT in 2008, Utah ranked 8th. • Utah has consistently ranked in the top 25 percent of states in student college readiness test scores. • Utah ranks 10th in student pass rates on AP tests. • UT…show more content…
Thomas is both strong and convincing but also weak in many aspects. David first puts forward the idea that while Utah may not be at optimal levels regarding our public school system, other states are doing a lot worse, in this case, Florida. He writes that Utah should be viewed as a leader in education reform because we achieve higher test scores and do so while spending less money per student. These two elements combined make a very strong argument towards his main claim; Utah is a leader in educational reform. Individually these elements would not be as effective because a state could earn high test scores because of unequal spending per student, and vice versa. This is where the argument is the strongest, but there are, however, weaker parts of the argument. For example, the arguer does not touch on issues which also have implications on why the schools are preforming the way they are. In the paper he states as part of his argument, “think tanks rate sates on things like class size and teacher pay among other things.” He does not, however, touch on these differences which might be the reason why Utah is doing seemingly better than Florida. There are no statistics provided in the argument comparing class size, teacher pay, or socioeconomic conditions which may leave a reader wondering if other factors are to blame for Florida’s poor performance. His reservation doesn’t address any of this. Instead he suggests that Utah does have room for improvement and it’s doing everything in its power to continue to improve. Overall the argument has undeniable evidence which does support his claim that Utah is doing better than Florida which is the only thing he needs to make this a successful
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