Social Deprivation Essay

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MOTION: DOES SOCIAL DEPRIVATION CAUSES CRIME? - FOR Social deprivation is a persisting inadequacy in access to minimally supportive social contact including interpersonal interaction, associative inclusion, and interdependent care. This inadequacy is not exclusive to, nor universal amongst, the economically deprived; it is endured in arenas of institutional segregation, for example by prisoners and patients held in solitary confinement, and it is endured by persons who suffer less organised forms of isolation or neglect. Firstly, Economic hardships and the struggles of life may result in the reduction of adequate child supervision and socialization, either directly by parents having to devote a considerable amount of time to earning income, or indirectly through family breakup. Economic deprivation also reduces social trust and facilitates social disorganization, which in turn leads to youth violence and crime. The above indicates that economic deprivation may affect community and family processes in such a way that youth violence increases. Secondly, Boredom is one of the major contributors to social deprivation. In many working class communities, youth facilities or leisure areas are much scarcer, or have been cut by government and local councils. This leaves many young working class people with little alternative but to meet up with friends, and hang around streets and estates looking for something to do. This was evident in the 2011 London riots where we saw groups of jaded juveniles roam the streets of London as a mob mentality causing a disgruntled and ominous environment. Another issue is concerning education. A lack of educational values is another driving force in the admittance of many people to crime.There is a number of reasons to believe that education will affect subsequent crime. Firstly, Schooling increases the returns to legitimate
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