Social Disorganization Question-and-Answer

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Social Disorganization is a criminology theory that is present in many communities in the United States. The main reason for social disorganization is the poverty in these communities. Where there is poverty there will always be someone trying to take advantage weather it is a politician or a local gang in the community one thing is clear at some point they will assist the other one. Many people might think that none of them will have anything in common with one another but when people are thirsty for power and money they will do the unthinkable. What is Social Disorganization? Social disorganization is a criminology theory that suggests the reason for crime and delinquency is due to the lack of resources in communities. When resources like churches and programs for the youth are not present in the community it can lead to a lack of morals that can cause criminal activity and delinquency. Another reason for crime and delinquency is believed to be the lack of presents of law enforcement. When law enforcement is not present in a community it gives the people in the community the thought that law enforcement does not care what happens to the people in their community. The people in the community that obey the law and are not committing crimes start to develop a sense that their community is not safe because law enforcement is not enforcing the law. Then the people that are involved in criminal activity in the community are able to take over the community because law enforcement does not have a regular presence in the community. In most areas like this when people that live in the community have a problem and they call law enforcement it takes long periods of time for them to get there to solve the problem. A lot of times by the time law enforcement arrive in these areas the perpetrator has already gotten away or the civilian has already taken matters into their own

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