First Time Community Corrections

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There are many types of community corrections. When community corrections are used they are supposed to rehabilitate an offender without them being in prison. The offender is then released into the community and they are supposed to be able to get along better. The movie First Time Felon had many aspects of the community corrections system. When Greg Yance, played by Omar Epps, gets into trouble for selling drugs he is sent into the correctional system. The first place he is sent to is jail. He then goes to court and is given the choice of five years in prison or boot camp for 120 days. He chooses to do boot camp and goes through the experience of a lifetime. He learns many things while he is in boot camp and after he is released. While Yance is in boot camp he learns that he will need to get along with his enemies to make it through. He becomes friends with a rival gang member and they work together while in boot camp. His boot camp company is selected to help a local town from being flooded out. While they are there Yance learns a lot from the locals about what it means to have the town flooded out. He almost gives up when his friend…show more content…
One of the big problems with the system that they show in the movie is that it doesn’t set you up to get a job when you do get released. There is a correctional officer named Calhoun and he doesn’t teach the inmates with any respect. He needs to show the inmates a little respect for them to respect him. This is a problem because as a correctional officer he can send that person back to the prison system and make them become a worse criminal. This is the opposite of how community corrections are supposed to work. The other problem is that they don’t prepare the offender for when they are actually released. The officers don’t explain to the offenders how to inform a future employer on the fact they were incarcerated, but they have

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