Due Process and Crime Control Models Represented in the Movie Deathwish

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The movie “Death Wish” portrays a constant struggle between the due process and crime control models. The due process model of criminal justice expects a lawful fairness to all citizens. Also, this model attempts to protect a defendant’s rights more than the victim. It relies on authorities powers to be controlled by rules and procedures in order to prevent excessive use of their power. Also, it is important in this process to prove a person guilty by legally-found facts and evidence. However the crime control model does not protect a suspected offender’s rights as much. The crime control model is based more on helping the victim, even if defendant’s rights are compromised. This model attempts to repress crime and give expansive power to police. It looks to find guilt rather than prove innocence. Although the movie starts with the characters and scenes displaying due process ideals, eventually the crime control model becomes more apparent. This is especially prominent in the main character, Paul Kersey. Within the first ten minutes of this movie, the dialogue of the characters already takes on an obvious due process appearance. After vacationing with his wife, Paul goes to work and jumps right in to a two-sided discussion with his co-worker Sam where they discuss what Sam considers a decent person to be. And Paul, being representative of the due process model expresses concern for those who others consider to be indecent. His ideals are once again challenged with remarks exchanged by Sam and his boss during which they represent the crime control model more by discussing how there should be more police than people and how no one would be able to afford that. The policing power that Sam desires is excessive and would be at the expense of regular citizens. There are also conversations throughout the movie that have a more subtle, symbolic approach to presenting the

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