The Advocate Role

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The Advocate Role The definition of an advocate is someone that will stand up and speak or write on the behalf of another individual ("", 2012). There are many different situations that will make a person want to stand up and talk for another individual in order to help that person in some way. In many ways a probation officer will advocate for an individual that has been given probation and has failed to perform one or more of the duties that have been handed to him or her such as completing community service or a drug class. If the probation officer sees that the individual has fallen on a hardship or illness that is preventing them from completing the tasks associated with the probation the officer can stand in court and advocate for the individual in order to keep the individual from going to jail. Personally, I do not wish to become a probation officer. My goal is to work with troubled youth as a counselor for juveniles. Many times after getting into trouble a juvenile will be turned away by their parents or guardian. As the parent sees the child as a liability instead of a child, the juvenile will often be left out in the street with nowhere to go. In many cases the juvenile will commit more crimes because they have nobody to turn to or look out for them. The youth of today will be the community leaders of tomorrow. Sometimes they need someone to stand up and speak for them and they have nobody. My goal is to become an advocate and speak for the juveniles that have no voice or are too scared to speak for themselves. The juveniles that are left out in the cold with nowhere to go need a home to go to. They need an individual that believes in them and are willing to help them find shelter and people to care for them. As a juvenile counselor my role as an advocate will be to speak for the juvenile as much as the juvenile may need.

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