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Community Corrections also known as probation or parole is the means of supervising felons and misdemeanants outside of a correctional facility. There is a common misconception among the American people that when a person commits a crime, then he or she will be removed from their community or society and put into a correctional facility. Foster Burke (2006). Community corrections can be very beneficial to the individuals who are placed on probation in a sense that it gives the offenders a second chance to redeem what they have done wrong in their communities. Community corrections vary from city to city and state to state. According to the textbook” community corrections were originally decentralized under the control of the local courts”. (Foster, Burke 2006). Currently community based alternatives to prison are either state run programs, or county run programs subsidized by the state. Community corrections affect society in a number of ways. There are many positive and negative effects to community corrections. An example of a positive affect is that probation cuts down on the cost of running the state prisons and county jails. In return it would save the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars because the tax payers would not have to pay to feed and house the individuals if they were sentenced to prison or jail. However, a negative effect on society is that you honestly cannot determine whether the probationer will abide by the rules that the courts set in place. The other negative effect they could have on society is the probationers may go out and commit more crimes. My hypothesis about the overall effectiveness of community corrections is that it is lacking in its attempts to keep probationers off drugs and alcohol. I also think that urinalysis tests are not fool proof, and can easily be manipulated and passed by the help of the detox drinks that there is

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