Social Construction Of Race Essay

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------------------------------------------------- The Social Construction of Race This world is constantly in a state of change, whether it's economically, socially, and politically. But something that's had one of the most significant change throughout the entire course of mankind is Race. Race is something that I think shouldn't exist at all. Race is described by Tracey E. Ore as "a group of people who perceive themselves and are perceived by others as possessing distinctive hereditary traits." When you see a group of people, it's in your nature to make and categorize them to make your surrounding reality more pleasant if you would. You aren't going to figure out one's status in life by just looking at them and by the color of their skin, that's just ridiculous. But inside all of us is our own background culture that society has given to us at the very beginning. No matter who you're looking at, you will always…show more content…
This tendency must lead to a still greater mortality. And in the end, cause of extinction of the race." His book, "Race Traits and Tendencies of the American Negro," was published in 1896, the same year the Supreme Court legalized segregation. It was one of the most influential publications of its day. What's interesting about the extinction thesis is that the social observers of its time fit into their notions of how races become ascendant in the world. Hoffman later compared rates of death and disease between African Americans and whites and found enormous disparities. But he ignored the dangerous effects of poverty and social disregard on health. Hoffman concluded that African Americans were naturally unwell and as such attempts to improve their housing, health and education would be useless. Their extinction was inevitable and will be forever encoded in their

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