Sleep on Beloved Chapter Review

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In chapter 5, 6 and 7 the author goes further into developing the characters of Mira Nedd and Ona. In chapter 5 specifically we learn that Mira Nedd is a very religious, superstitious character. Ona never feel in control of her life because she constantly submits her own aspiration to please others. Ona is pressed by her mother to be taking a more active role in church. Mira Nedd consistently pushes her daughter because she would like for her to be an example to her peers. Ona has ambitions of becoming a professional dancer but in this community dancing is taboo. There is evidence of this in the book when Mrs. Small introduces her class to dance during a lesson about different cultures around the world: “As thought introducing the girls to something illegal, Mrs. Small closed the door to the small arts room. Ignoring the heat from the scorching afternoon sun and the suffocating room, she played the records and enthralled the students.” (Foster, 57). Ona’s wishes are especially not welcome by her mother who frequently warns her of her past and a family curse which revolves around dance and adultery. It is because of this knowledge of Mira Nedd’s disapproval of dance that she doesn’t tell her that she has performed in the dance troupe. She was automatically chosen to be the lead dancer because of her moves which came so naturally something her mother would have argued as manifestations of the curse. She continued to participate in the dance troupe discreetly until she was chosen to try-out for the national dance troupe but needed permission from her guardian to take part. Hoping that her mother would be proud Ona was not surprised by the way Mira Nedd received the news. She refused, but was persuaded by Mrs. Small. Ona passes the audition and the next step is taking a course on formal dance in a hall near the university located in Kingston. She moves away from the

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