Bend It Like Beckham Essay

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In the movie Bend it Like Beckham the characters Jess and Jules have many conflicts with each other and others in the movie. For one, both girls have a crush on their soccer coach, Joe, and they have many an argument on who should get him. Also, Jess has many run-ins with her parents concerning soccer. Both of these conflicts and many others in the cinematic experience help to create a dynamic and riveting movie that will keep you on the edge of your in Germany, Jules finds Jess and Joe leaning in for the kill. Jules is incredibly angry at her friend for betraying Jules’ feelings for Joe. However, earlier in the movie, when asked by Jess whether she had feelings for Joe, Jules denied it and pretended not to like him. Understandably, Jess feels fine hitting on Joe because she thinks it won’t hurt Jules’ feelings. Throughout the movie, Jess is at odds with her parents’ negative opinion of Jess playing soccer. While Jess wants to be able to play, her parents feel that she shouldn’t be “flaunting her legs” and other such frivolous things; she should be learning proper Indian culture. Jess is unhappy not playing soccer so she pretends to have a job and sneaks away from her family to play with the team. As the movie progresses, Jess continually overcomes barriers her parents place between Jess and soccer. As the movie approaches its end, Jules finally decides that Jess can be with Joe and Jules won’t interfere. This resolution is met after the girls are accepted to go to an academy in California to play soccer. At this point, Jules decides that her chances with Joe are very slim compared to Jess’ and concedes to her. This relieves many pent-up feelings between them and strengthens their relationship. Also, when Jess’ parents realize the opportunity that Jess has to be successful in her soccer career, they allow Jess to leave for California to play. This also

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