Catherine Called Birdy

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“It came into my head that I cannot run away. I am who I am wherever I am”. Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman is about a 14 year old girl who's father, the lord, wants to marry her off to a rich old man with lots of land. Catherine wants to just get away from the lady life and escape, but is always held in place by her pregnant mother, and her always nagging nurse/maid Morwenna. In Catherine, Called Birdy, many women gave Birdy advice but she never really listenened to them, but when she did, she made a decision that changed her life forever. Her mother told her “Don't Stretch your legs longer than your stockings or your toes will stick out. You are so much already, Little Bird. Why not cease you fearful pounding against the bars of your cage and be content?” In other words, she is saying that she needs to be happy with what she has because what she has is all she needs. Also that she needs to stop trying to be who she is not. Her mother chose this advice because Birdy is always saying that she wants to be something that she's not. For example, What page is when she says the hobbies she wants to do? What page did she say the she wants to be lower class? Her mother also told her this advice because she has to get married but she is rejecting every guy and is always complaining about it. She only sees whats bad in people and doesn't see the positive things about a person. What is she supposed to learn from this advice? On the 22nd of February Madame Johanna told Birdy, “ I am a women and a cousin to the king. Do you truly think I could be a horse trainer or a puppeteer or even be friends with a goat boy? Do you think I have adventures instead of duties? There are many worse chores than spinning, Little Bird. But my dear I flap my wings at times, choose my flights carefully, get things done, understand my limitations,
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