Slavic Mythology Essay

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Slavic mythology is the mythological aspect of polytheistic religion that was practiced by Slavs before the arrival of Christianity. The theology spread across Europe on all sides of the compass; from the Baltic States through the Balkans and out to the Rus people. Throughout the ages people used the creed as a method of connecting with the land, and built statues and monuments for them to pray to. Worshippers, called Rodnovers, were largely independent, as each god in the religion played his own role and required individual prayer. The belief existed for centuries, and after the arrival of Christianity, became the backbone of the peoples' belief. For generations after the introduction of Orthodox Christianity, people still believed in their pagan rituals as a method of ensuring success in wealth and agriculture, using Christianity as a way to salvation. To this day, the mythology exists and serves as the connection to Earth for many Slavic people. Slavic mythology was first practiced in the Slavonic tribes that existed as early as the first and second centuries. There are very little, written accounts of Slavic mythology and references found to the Slavic pagans were written by the Christian missionaries and were not very accurate. Instead their beliefs were passed down orally through generations and the Slavs had not developed an official writing system yet either at the time. Slavic mythology remained the religious focus of the Slavic people until their rulers and Orthodox Christian missionaries attempted to convert them to Christianity which was thought to be more civilized and the religion of the modern culture at the time. The beliefs and rituals of the Slavic people who followed the creed revolved around a great pantheon of gods and spiritual beings that played key roles in their daily lives. Slavic society was built around a threefold division of
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