325 At Nicaea Research Paper

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Many believe in him, others don’t. Anselmo d’Aosta said that we should not give sentences on things out of our sensitive knowledge – the experience. In fact, why should we try to find explanations for things that probably doesn’t exist?!? only because the church tries to make us believe in such things? I don’t think is enough… the so called ‘sacred texts’ that form the Holly Bible, were re-written after the 4th century, probably during the Constantine’s reign. In 325 at Nicaea the Christian Creed was composed, and many other writings that formed the Holly Bible were retouched trying to give a certain form, useful to the emperor. This was just a first step of the following development of the Christian culture. During the Scholastic period, many philosophers tried to explain the existence of god and tried to describe the relationship that exists between reason and god. All these suppositions didn’t have a reasonable base so soon have fallen. However, during the enlightment period, Christianity has lost from its power which…show more content…
Lot of persons don’t want to escape from the cage that it was created around them from the Christianity beliefs. Maybe they are using God just as an example of perfection that they can relay on, or maybe it is for them an example of supreme power that could give help and support in difficult moments. We should not forget all the way that Church made during time, and that all those proofs that gave credibility to Christianity may be all false. If god, as the father of human kind, would have existed, he wouldn’t let all those catastrophes to happen (Katrina, 2004’ Tsunami, and many others…). What kind of father would be the one that let its children to die in such terrible ways!?! A very cruel one, or just an inexistent one
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