Arianism Essay

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LIBERTY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY THE WATCHTOWER: AMODERN FORM OF ARIANISM SUBMITTED TO DR. SMITH IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COMPLETION OF THIS COURSE, NORTH CAROLINA 10/15/2012 The Watchtower: A Modern Form of Arianism Introduction In the third century, the Christian church saw one of its most constantly troubling schisms created. This break in orthodoxy can trace its origins to a third century North African presbyter named Arius. This Christian sect was appropriately called Arianism, taken from the name of its founder and initial supporter. It should not be surprising that within two century, heresy was already impacting the church. In the Pauline epistles, Paul frequently corrected the early churches in both matters of doctrine and application. In the book of Acts, the apostle Luke detailed the initial establishment of the church and spread of Christianity from the heart of Israel in Jerusalem through the Roman Empire. During the first two centuries of its existence, the Christian church was severely persecuted and widely dispersed. As the years passed and Christianity spread, there came to be debate on foundational Christian doctrines and a plurality of ideas began to emerge. During the time of Arius, the true nature of Jesus Christ resided at the top of a controversy list, which had many in the church quarreling. In a time prior to the ecumenical councils when the church’s view of Christ was not concretely established, Arius was purposing an angelic Christ. In this paper, I will detail that although the Christian church has sought to clear the misconceptions of Arianism through the centuries, it is still being practiced. I assert that modern day Arianism can be found in the theology of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. This is the organization responsible for leading and instructing the modern Christian
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