Why It's Important for Christians to Believe in Miracles

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E) It is important for Christians to believe in miracles discuss this statement. I believe it is important for Christians to believe in miracles because in the Bible many miracles are mentioned and by a Christian disagreeing with this they’re denying a part of their faith and so if a Christian did not agree that miracles exist how is it that they can claim they are a Christian? Christians most of the time would never disagree with the existence of miracles because for example, many people claimed that Jesus was not the Messiah or Son of God and therefore the only real proof Jesus had was that he performed miracles and by denying that miracles actually happened then you are in theory denying that Jesus was the Messiah. That is why, in my opinion it is essential for Christians to believe in Miracles otherwise they are practically denying half of there faith and the thing that separates Christianity from Judaism. Christians could argue that they believe Jesus was still the Messiah and everything he stood for is what they believe in but maybe the authenticity of miracles today can be questioned as there is no Jesus around to prove them being performed by a Deity just as the definition says there should be. So believing in miracles would be hard to do because there is no proof because Christians just have to believe what the Bible says and can not question it even though there is no proof of miracles other than what the Bible says. It would be hard for Christians to believe in miracles because there is no evidence that supports them… (The Bible can’t be classed as evidence because it has no proof it’s real and could be a fictional book) But Christians would have to believe in them because if they disagree that would be sort of going against the belief of Jesus. I think Christians don’t have a choice and have to believe in miracles otherwise they’re going
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