Perception of the Gospel Within Christian Culture

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The perception of the Gospel within our culture is diverse. Some see it as a fictional work, that there is no God; that we simply are and will simply cease to be. Some even view the gospel as blasphemy or an attack against their beliefs. Still, others see it as good but not necessarily true for everyone. Best of all, there are those who see it as the only saving truth. Yet, even within the Christian culture it is seen in varied ways. Others confess, “Jesus is the Way”, yet, in the same breath say, “but the Bible is outdated and not necessarily intended for these times”. Others believe that they can still live how they want, and, act as if saying “I am a Christian” is some kind of pass. Moral rejections come from what a person thinks should be right within Christianity. Most moral reasons for rejecting Christianity stem from the actions of a Christian not necessarily Christianity. Some examples are the treatment of the homosexual, the hypocrisy of a Christian, and Historical mistakes. As an Ex-gay I have some firsthand experience in the homosexuality issue and can say that I was occasionally met with hateful statements. These statements hindered my acceptance of the Beautiful and Wonderful Gospel of Christ. One statement was “God hates gays”, although, this is untrue there are plenty of Christians who will stand by this statement, and, by effect turn many away from the Gospel. The” don’t do as I do, do as I say”, hypocritical, actions of some has pushed many away. For example, someone who is committing fornication, yet, condemns a homosexual is enough for some people to react negatively to the Good News. The issues of historical events, such as slavery, the Crusades, and the Salem witch trials, all have some impact on why people deny the Gospel. The Good News was wrongly used in defense of many of these horrible acts; tainting many people’s perception of this
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