There Are No Such Things Are Miracles

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There Are No Such Things as Miracles The subject about miracles is strongly opinionated, there are a lot of assumptions, theories and happenings that can lead a person to believing whether miracles do or don’t happen. It all relies on the person’s belief and what they follow. A miracle is usually defined by ‘unexplainable events that break the laws of nature’. There are different types of miracles that most of us have probably heard about, for example, miracles of healing, exorcism, resurrection and nature. The belief in a miracle can come from either experiencing them or religious reasons and explanations. People that believe in miracles usually believe in the religious evidence that we are provided with. Christians and Catholics will believe that miracles can happen because there are a lot of stories in the bible that seem to break the laws of nature and almost seem impossible to believe in, for example Jesus healed poorly people and he rose from the dead. In our society people believe that rising from the dead is humanly impossible and then jump into assumptions that this event must of had some sort of supernatural explanation; others will not believe it at all. Catholic people think that if you believe in God miracles seem more obvious to you and if you deny and test the existence of God then it will be harder to see the miracles happen. If God really is behind all of the natural laws, he is not restricted by them therefore He is allowed to violate them from time to time. This also contradicts the fact that God is omnibenevolant and defeats the saying that ‘all humans are equal’. There are a lot of problems with using miracles to prove Gods existence, some say that one person’s miracle is not one to another person, we have some sort of scientific explanations to miracles that happened in the bible, so in the future we could have explanations to miracles that
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