Christian Beliefs Research Paper

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Johnny Finns November 5, 2009 Conservatives Beliefs Conservatives are much less confident of human reason and experience than are liberals. They ground their theology primarily in scripture and the teachings of the church, especially the early church. Conservatives tend to stress the transcendence of God more than the other two groups and are much more resistant to change in theology or ethics. Incarnation- Conservatives believe Jesus was literally born of a virgin. They believe he was both fully human and fully divine. They believe he was unique in all of human history and represents one of the three Persons of the Trinity. Atonement- Jesus came into the world, in part to die for the sins of the world. He knew early on that was his mission. Although conservatives may debate…show more content…
While few Methodists pastors believe in inerrancy, conservatives view scripture as the unique revelation of God. The Bible contains all we need to know to be saved and to live the Christian life. Conservatives believe that the four gospels are the heart of scripture and accurately portray the life of Christ. Christian Ethics- Because of their skepticism of human nature and reason, conservatives believe we must be guided by the principles found in the Old and New Covenants. Christian love must be guided by the moral teachings of scripture and the church. Sierra Brocks November 5, 2009 Experience Relations I do not believe that Foreman Audience can relate to the experience he present. The experience that he presents to his audience is not a experience of his own. Therefore, he does not have the passion to include in order to give his readers a more vivid picture of the situation. In order to write about an experience, one has to feel strong and have passion to really get through to the audience. I don't believe His audience will get the full emotion or understand his true attitude since it is not a personal experience of
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