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Reflection Paper 1 COM 542 Liberty University Christine Mayers January 18, 2014 Summary Got style? Personality-Based Evangelism was an eye opener for me; I did not realize there were so many different aspects of styles of evangelism. The object of Dr. Johnson's book was to help Christians find their natural style of evangelism, and how they can use that style to better reach people with the Good News. The Good News being sharing the love of God and Jesus and teaching them about salvation. Dr. Johnson's primary focus of the book is to explain the six different evangelism styles, look at the strengths and weaknesses of each style, and how each style relates biblically to evangelism. Evangelism, I believe was associated with something unnatural or forced, and it sometimes felt uncomfortable and threatening. Now, why it was thought of this way, I do not know, because how can sharing something so good makes so many feel so bad. After reading this book, I understand now that most people are doing evangelism in a way contrary to the way God made them. Dr. Johnson give fair treatment to each style, and he not only offers a variety of approached for Christians to consider using, but he also does not promote one style as superior to another. No one style of evangelism is better than another, it takes all of them to relate fully to the divers population that lives within our world today (Johnson, J, 2009). The Word centered continuum (like the way of the Master)/Works Continuum (like incarnation evangelism) is looked at for all the different evangelism styles by Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson's approach shows how people's personality’s impacts, or should impact their evangelistic approaches. The six styles that he covers in the book are: Assertive, Analytical, Storytelling, Relational,

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