Beowulf Dependence on God

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Beowulf dependence on God Beowulf has many pagan and Christianity traditions. Beowulf was written in the Anglo-Saxon period in Britain. This story is primarily about a hero named Beowulf saving the Danish people from the evil monsters. It takes place in Denmark and the time period is unknown. The protagonist is Beowulf a great warrior because of his strength, courage, and braveness. The antagonists are Grendel and Grendel’s mother. The main conflicts are when Beowulf has the one on one battles with Grendel and then with Grendel’s mother. Grendel’s mother wanted revenge for the death of her son. After they get out of one problem then a new one appears. For every situation they are in God is there to help them. They are dependent on God to help them get out of a problem. We are not sure about their religion but we know that they practiced some sort of Christianity and pagan traditions. The characters of Beowulf always mention Christian God throughout the whole poem. In Beowulf, all the characters show dependence of God. Earlier before this quotation Hrothgar wished Beowulf good luck to defeat Grendel. He also gave control to Beowulf of the Dane’s hall. Beowulf says that he will fight Grendel with no weapons and Lord will decide who wins. No one thought we would come out alive that shows lack of faith. Then it says that the Lord will help him win victory. They will win victory and that will bring back triumph. Beowulf relies on Lord to help him win victory. “The truth is clear: Almighty God rules over mankind and always has” (700-702). This quotation is basically saying that they have faith in God and give credence to him. No one is greater than god, not even Beowulf and his men. This is trying to say that everyone trusted more God than Beowulf. This a bit confusing because first they did believe in Beowulf and then they don’t. God is someone that’s really important
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