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NOTABLE APOLOGISTS: THE DEFENDERS OF CHRISTIANITY I. Introduction: Defining Apologetics A. What is “Apologetics”? B. What is the role of an “Apologist”? C. The Old Testament – Faith of New Christians D. The New Testament 1. Christian Acceptance 2. Gnosticism II. Notable Apologists A. Justin Martyr B. Tertullian C. Origen D. St. Augustine of Hippo E. Martin Luther F. C.S. Lewis III. Conclusion Notable Apologists – The Defenders of Christianity “Apologetics” is an English term derived from the Greek apologia, which means to ‘give an answer.’ As noted in The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics, Biblical Scripture urges us to “make a defense (apologia) to everyone who asks you to give an account (logos) for the hope (elpidos) that is in you” (Peter 3:15 NASB). (Hindson and Caner 29). As much of Christianity cannot be proven and may not be accepted on faith alone, one must be brought to understand Christianity. The compelling arguments in the Bible are used by Biblical apologists who employ the art of persuasion to defend the Christian faith. The role of an apologist is to study, practice and demonstrate the truth of Christianity in an effort to bring a non-believer to the table of believers with the hope that those converted will also share the gospel of Jesus Christ. There have been many notable apologists since the first century, all of whom had a historical impact on how Christianity is perceived today. This writing will note the reason apologetics proved to be necessary, provide a brief history of selected apologists and describe their literary contributions to the Christian movement. The selected apologists referenced here were active writers and teachers between the second and twenty-first centuries. The Old Testament declares the existence of God to be true as it begins

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