Is the Bible True? Analytical Essay

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Martin Oderinde Religion 1310:39 September 12, 2012 Christian Scriptures Essay In Placher's analytical essay "Is the Bible True?" he challenges the view of biblical authority that is used by many American Protestants which he defined as "biblical literalism." He strengthens his argument by stating, "We need to understand the genre to understand a text. Reading a text literally is not always reading it faithfully (pg924)." This statement bring us back to the original question, which is the title of his essay, "Is the bible true?". From his statement I deciphered and created an answer to the question. Yes, the bible is true, but it depends on how you read and decode the text. Placher used examples from past literatures and links them back to examples in the bible to establish his point. One of the numerous examples was David McCullough's biography of Harry Truman and Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist. Of course these books are two different text and you wouldn't read them the same way. The biography has text which is made for you to believe every word. If David decide to put false statements about Harry Truman, not only would his biography be invalid; it would also lose its genre as a biography. While in Dickens's Oliver Twist we know that what were reading isn't entirely true. Just because Charles Dickens made up Oliver Twist doesn't mean the book is a lie. We expect this style of writing because Oliver Twist is characterized as a novel. Just like there's different genres in American Literature, we also have different genres located within the bible. If you think about it, the bible isn't just one book; it's a compilation of many books. An example of different genres in the bible can be located Luke and Genesis. In Luke an incident occurred where a man was beaten on his way down to Jericho. Notice we don't check archives to see if this really happened, why? We
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