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Ch 15 1. Date, audience, purpose of Galatians. 339 Date: about 56 CE; Audience: the church of Galatia, perhaps southern Galatia , a roman province containing the towns of Lystra, Iconium, Derbe ; Purpose: to refute opponents who advocated circumcision and to demonstrate that Jew and Gentile are equally saved by faith in Jesus’ redemptive power 2. What does Paul base his title of apostle on? 340 3. Why did Paul meet with Christian leaders in Jerusalem? What was the outcome of the meeting? 340-341 1 to prove that he is a true apostke, possessing rights equal to those of the Jerusalem pillars 2 to demonstrate the validity of his gospel that Christian faith replaces works of mosaic law, including circumcision 4. How was the…show more content…
What are the main characteristics of apocalyptic writing? 414-416 a. Universality, Cosmic Dualism, Chronologic Dualism, Ethical Dualism, Predestination, Exclusivism, Limited Theology, Portrait of a Violent God, Eschatological Preoccupations, The Use of Symbols and code words. 3. Who is the author and what is the date of the book of Revelation? 416-417 The apostle John, the same person who wrote the Gospel and letters of John. Other think another John, known only as the “Elder” and official of the late-first-century Ephesian church. All modern scholar agree that the Gospel and Revelation stem from different authors. No evidence simply calls himself John, a “servant” of Jesus Christ. He is not one of the twelve. Best as John of Patmos, a mystic who regarded himself as a Christian prophet and his book as a highly symbolic preview of future events. Date: writing about 180CE. Composed late in the reign of Domitian. 81 to 96 CE. Most date the work to 95 or 96 CE. 4. Why were Christians of the time of this book persecuted? 421-423 a. Dragon slain the Lamb God uses this apparent weakness to eliminate evil both in heaven and on earth. Christ’s sacrificial death guarantees his ultimate victory over the Dragon and all he

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