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RELIGION TEST 1 Catholics believe that in the consecrated bread and wine that Jesus is symbolic present, not fully present ? (TRUE OR FALSE) ANSWER: FALSE 2 When Jesus identified his actions at the last supper as representing a new’ covenant’’, he was linking those actions to a reality at the heart of Jewish history ? (TRUE OR FALSE) ANSWER: TRUE 3 At the last supper the disciples understood the cup and bread were to be recognized as signs of Jesus’ death ? (TRUE OR FALSE) ANSWER:FALSE 4 All the Evangelists include the institution of the Eucharis in their description of the last supper? (TRUE OR FALSE)ANSWER; FALSE 5 Jewish leaders who normally disagreed…show more content…
I think he expected tension and conflict and this death. ANSWER: HE EXPECTED TENSION AND CONFLICT AND HIS DEATH. 8 Do the Gospels give us Jesus’ actual words? Explain your answer. 9 What two words do scholars agree were used by Jesus in a distinctive way? What was distinctive about Jesus uses of words? ANSWER: ABBA AND AMEN. BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT THE USUAL WORDS AND THEY DEMONSTRATED JESUS’ WAY OF ADDRESSING GOD, AND MOST OF THE TIMES HE SPEAKS IN PARABLES. 10 Why do Christians believe they can trust the Gospels; to accurately convey the truth o f Jesus teaching? ANSEWR: CHRISTIANS BELIEVE THAT THE GOSPELS WERE WRITTEN WITH THE GUIDANCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. 11 I n what ways did Jesus follow the traditional jewish format of public speaking? Why did he speak in these ways? ANSWER: BECAUSE THE IMAGERY SPEECH PATTERNS . BECAUSE MOST OF THE TIME HE IS SPEAKING IN PARABLES . 12 WHAT IS A PARABLE? ANSWER: A PARABLE IS A WISE SHORT SAYING. 13 What was Jesus first miracle? Answer: turning water to
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