Explain Why Christians Believe God Exists:

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There are many reasons for why Christians believe in God. Firstly, some Christians believe that the Bible itself is from God, from himself and it is the revealed word of God. Christians believe that what is in the Bible must be true as it is there in the first place. Some, Christians are literalists who take what is in the Bible word for word, however, some are liberalists and understand what is in the Bible as a metaphor, however, still proves that God exists. Additionally, some Christians believe in the ontological argument by St Anselm, which suggests that God cannot not exist and so that it is logical to believe. This means that, Christians believe this, because God, which exists, is definitely greater and better than the one that doesn’t. Anselm writes, “we believe that thou art a being than which nothing greater can be conceived”, meaning that by “God”, we mean an absolutely unsurpassable being, a being that cannot conceivably be improved upon. Moreover, some Christians believe in the cosmological argument, which is; the universe must have been caused by something, which states that, everything that exists has a cause of its existence. The universe exists, therefore; the universe has a cause of its existence. If the universe has a cause of its existence, then that cause is God. Therefore; God exists. Moreover, the world has too much design and the movement and cause of it is unnatural to be created from nothing, so something must have created it, God! Furthermore, Christians believe in God because of the 3 things; ‘Opeth’, message from God to his people, ‘Mopeth’ when God acts on behalf of his people and ‘Pele’ God’s sovereignty. These all summarize key things such as; a natural event interpreted into a supernatural event and so Christians believe that God exists. However, some Christians have simply been brought up in a religious background and family, where
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