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Professor Barbara C. Sproul REL 205 Section 001 5 February 2013 Being or Not-Being Paul Tillich’s “Religion as a Dimension in Man’s Spiritual Life” is his argument against two groups of people, the Literal Theologians and Social Scientist. The Literal Theologians believe that Religion is given by God and he does exist as a being. While the Social Scientist argues that Religion is a man made and God is a being who does not exist. Tillich in the middle of this has a side that he supports and that side is neither. Paul Tillich argues against the literal theologians and the social scientists as well. He says that “religion has rediscovered its true place in man’s spiritual life, namely, in its depth, out of which it gives substance, ultimate meaning, judgment and creative courage to all functions of the human spirit.” (Tillich 9) In my opinion and it may be clouded by my religion, which is Christianity, is that God does exist and one will not…show more content…
The incidents in various religions to prove through faith are with Prophet Mohammad, Moses and the 10 commandments, Vitas with him being one with the earth and the Cherokee dance. These were all events that occurred in various religions with God actually present. These theologians come on in an apprehensive way which intimidates the people and ultimately causes them to choose atheism. Social scientists do not believe in God in theory or as a being, like the Theologians. Social scientist use psychology, sociology, anthropology and history to back up their beliefs. Comte, a philosopher, expressed that religion is a story of human development. Comte describes this “human development” as a mythological stage. Religion according to him is a creation of human spirit and is completely man made. Like Comte, social scientists believe that religion is not an essential quality for taking place in this world and is not
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