Science Has Fully Explained Religious Experience

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R.S “Science has fully explained religious experience”. To what extent do you agree? I agree to a certain extent however they are some problems are present in sciences argument for why religious experiences occur. Freud argued that religious experiences are nothing but a psychological conflict within the mind. He came up with the idea that religious experiences are nothing but wishful thinking that cause the illusion of the oldest and most profound idea one has. He would use Nicky Cruz as a contemporary example here and say his conversion was due to his tough childhood; however this is a mere speculation. Freud did not present any evidence Another idea of what Freud believed is that as humans we are completely material, he denied the…show more content…
He would expand on this and argue that all he has proven is that the temporal lobes play a part in religious experience however he is prepared to acknowledge that God may of place them there for means of communication. In stark contrast Persinger would argue that he has dismissed the possibility of God placing them by creating the God Helmet. He is likely to argue that he has done this by re-creating the numinosity of a religious experience; he would present his case studies as evidence and state that over 900 believed that it felt like a genuine religious experience. A theist would counter argument this and argue not everyone felt a change, such as Richard Dawkins. Persinger would argue that his temporal lobes are heightened therefore it cannot be artificially stimulated. The theist would respond to this and argue that this is not a genuine religious experience because it did not lead to a conversion, an example they are likely to present is Nicky Cruz and how he went from New York thug to a charitable
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