L. D. S. Church: Humanitarian Aid, Self-Sustaining Living

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The L.D.S. Church Humanitarian aid, self-sustaining living. The Mormon Church considers humanitarian work to be an essential part of its mission to bless all humanity in emulation of Jesus Christ “who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed” (Acts10:38). Throughout its history, the Church has always provided for those in need, but the first permanent humanitarian organization of the Mormon Church was created in 1955 at Brigham Young University. In the early years of the Church after its founding in 1830, little organized, systematic humanitarian work was attempted due to the impoverishments of the early members and continuous persecution. In 1842, the Prophet Joseph Smith organized the Women’s Relief Society, an essential…show more content…
It also includes scholarship programs, employment services and so forth. Money and in-kind items can be donated to the Humanitarian General Fund where the money or supplies are then given to an area that is in need. Emergency Response is the part of the LDS Church’s humanitarian efforts that most people are aware of. Funds and supplies in this area are used to help victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, droughts, tornados, and hurricanes, as well as other disasters such as wars or political unrest. Supplies in this area are gathered and stored before a crisis, so supplies can be sent literally within hours of an emergency. Volunteers are also on call, so if they are needed they can be reached and organized within a few hours. Wheelchair Distribution is also crucial to helping those in need. Studies estimate that only one percent of the disabled in the world have wheelchairs. For the rest, being without a wheelchair means for adults that they can not provide for themselves or their families, and for children it often means not being able to attend school. By providing wheelchairs to those in need, the Mormon Church is able to give the gift of self-reliance and

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