Religious Organisations and Justice

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Religious Organisations and Justice 1. Explain how, many religious organisations work for justice in the world today (8) One Christian organisation called tearfund works for justice by supporting 75,000 churches worldwide who ask local communities if they have any problems and if so, help the people solve them. The organisation also trains and equips people to end poverty and rebuild communities that have been destroyed by natural disasters, famine, disease, etc. This way of working has progressed into a huge team effort with 17 million people helping through community projects and preparation and recovery from disasters, most recently the hundreds of thousands of people, homeless in Iraq. Another organisation working for justice is the Ummah Welfare Trust. It usually provides emergency relief such as food, water and medical aid. The water is provided by creating tube wells that can be hand pumped and transported to areas facing a drought or water crisis. Unusually for a charity, they sponsor orphans and widows making sure that their rights are fulfilled and possibly more importantly, they build orphanages, schools, rehab clinics and new homes. This organisation stays alive because of the Muslim population. The general Muslim population gives 2.5% of its earnings to this organisation. Similarly to the Ummah Welfare Trust, Islamic Relief obviously is an organisation which helps Muslims in need. For example it alleviates suffering, hunger, illiteracy and disease worldwide with no regard to colour, race or creed. It strives to achieve these things because they know that relief in only the beginning. More important is giving people the confidence to develop on their own and secure their future and goal without the continuous need for external assistance. Fundraising is achieved through tea parties, sponsored events, street collections, car boot sales and
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