What Does It Mean To Say About Beowulf's Death

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Beowulf Essay Beowulf was an epic hero but when he finally met his match against the dragon he knew that it was his time to die. Before he dies he had a few wishes that he wanted fulfilled and one was to have a burial for him in his honor including a pyre. On his pyre was wood that stack up high and his soldiers laid there helmets, shields, and swords to honor the loss of their king. He also ordered his troops to make him a final resting place on the coastline where he would lay after his pyre has cooled. He said it will be a reminder to his people and anyone that sails by it that that is where Beowulf’s barrow is. He wanted people to know that it was his final resting place and that he will live forever in there hearts. These special burial rights were know as pagan burial rights. Only certain people were buried like this. This burial right was usually…show more content…
In fact God helps him out in many different ways and Beowulf acknowledges that throughout the poem. He thanks God for guiding and protecting him, and states that in his battle with Grendel, he would have been destroyed if God had not guided him. He also acknowledges that all earthly blessings come from God. Other characters in the poem also acknowledge that power comes from God. For example when Hrothgar talks with Beowulf about selfish kings who do not give thanks to God for their blessings. So overall I would say that Beowulf made the decision that best suited him. I wouldn’t say that he made a wrong or right decision. He went with the religion that he knew and grew up with even though Christianity was spreading quickly throughout that part of the world. The pagan society was one of original religious groups that are still remembered today because of Beowulf and his battles. Beowulf was a hero and a king and by having a pagan burial he preserved the religious group and showed that it was just as important as

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