Rome Continuity and Change Essay

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Rome Continuity and Change Between 200 BCE and 1100 CE, the Roman Empire went through some changes both culturally and politically. One example is that Rome switched from being a Republic to being an Empire. This was due to failures of the Republic, military development, desire for power by a few, and the conflict between classes. Another change is their religion. Rome was originally all about Paganism but because of Constantine’s vision they converted to Christianity. Although the Roman Empire experienced some changes there are still some things that stayed the same. One example that stayed the same politically is that the Emperors of the Roman Empire and Byzantine both gave land to the soldiers. One thing that stayed culturally the same is the women’s status and role in the society. Women were very low key and inferior to men. The Roman Republic started at 509 BCE, with the expulsion of the seventh and last King of Rome; King Tarquin. In the Republic the people have the right to vote and elect officials and it is based on rule of law with constitution. The Republic did not stay for too long it slowly decline as problems arises. The Republic had a lot of failures such as the senates not able to agree with each other, which slowed them to respond and provide the needs of the people. The officials that were appointed by the senates that only stay for two years led the military. It negatively impacts the military because the leaders lacked of experience. The government also became more corrupt because of their desire for power and wealth. Lastly, the gap between the rich and the poor expanded and the rights of the plebeians were limited. These all contributed to the fall of the Republic at 27 BCE, which lead them to politically change to an Empire. An Empire where there is one leader that can make decisions quickly and able to
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