Situational Interview Essay

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More often than not, selection tools and techniques are needed in order to place the right person to an open position in an organization. Whether it be internal or external hiring, careful screening should be used in order to avoid turnovers, ensure right placement, and provide the best quality of work that organization has to offer. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of selection tools and techniques to choose from and it is important to pick the right ones for certain positions. In this “how to” guide, we will focus more on the selection technique called “Situational Interview.” As mentioned above, there are a few objectives that you should achieve by the end of this manual. First, you should be able to define what exactly a “Situational Interview” is. Second, you should be able to differentiate it from other types of interview. Third, you must identify its purpose and use. Fourth, you should be able to get yourself familiarize with the situational interview measure. Fifth, you must be able to conduct a situational interview properly. Sixth, you ought to understand this technique’s strengths and limitations. And last but not the least, get some recommended and useful resources about this technique in case you feel the need to gain more knowledge in conducting this type of interview. Situational Interview: Definition According to Land (2005), situational interview focuses on “what candidates would do in a specific situation.” It contains hypothetical scenarios wherein the interviewer will ask questions that would challenge a candidate to react to real-life, job-related problems, and how he would handle it. Likewise, Latham et al (1980, as cited in Pulakos & Schmitt, 1995) defined the technique as a type of interview that would request an applicant to imagine a given set-up and ask how he would react to it. Thus, the situational questions are future-oriented.

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