Single Parents with Young Children

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Single Parents with Young Children Beckford, Martin “The Telegraph” Oct 10, 2008. In reviewing research from Martin Beckford, Social Affairs Correspondent with The Telegraph, I learned quite a lot of interesting information pertaining to the emotional problems children raised by single parents face. Research says that children from broken homes are five times more likely to develop emotional problems than those living with both parents. This could be true, due to the fact that parentless children, seem to act out more, when one or both parents are missing. The Office of National Statistics, interviewed parents, teachers, and children themselves, and found that many suffer from emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and aggression. Statistics show that over a 3 year period, children whose parents were split up were 4.53 more likely to develop emotional problems than those whose parents were still in one household, and were 2.87 times more likely to demonstrate the start of behavioral disorders. Edmondson, Brad/Waldrop, Judith “Single Parents Statistics” American Demographics, Dec93, Vol. 15 Issue 12, p36, 2p, 2 Charts, 1 Graph. Per the US Census Bureau single parents consist of “other families” which are households of unmarried couples. Single parents are 56 percent of other families and single mothers are 85 percent of single parents. We expect single parents to grow at a slightly lower-than-average rate of 18 percent between 1990 and 2010, but remain the bulk of all single parents in 2010, at nearly 8 million households. With the growing population of single mothers, there are also becoming a large number of single fathers. Currently 62 percent of single fathers are age 35 and older, compared to 48 percent of single mothers which are quite younger in age. Sole custody of fathers is becoming more widespread within the age of 45 and older, and

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