What Is Cultural Diversity In America

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Knowing that I live amongst individuals from many different backgrounds both culturally and geographically I find myself to be lucky. I believe I realize this now after taking Cultural Diversity because I know how many of the cultures and foods that I love are from different regions of the world. Not many other people can say they met people from Japan, Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Australia all in the same day but in the United States it is actually more common than you think in highly populated metro areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. Not only did I learn about these other cultures and ethnicities that are amongst us in America, I learned about my own background and the culture I grew up knowing as my own.…show more content…
As of 2010, with the total population of the United States at 310.2 million individuals, White Non-Hispanic Americans are 64.7 percent of the United States population. While the second largest racial group in America is Hispanics with 16 percent of the population. According to the trends, the population is estimated to be at about 439 million in the year 2050. That's quite a rise in the population in the next 40 years (129 million) and who knows the impact it will have on our economy and job availability. It is also estimated that White Non-Hispanic Americans will be less than half the population at this point with 46.3 percent of the population being that race. Hispanics however are estimated to be 30.2 percent of the population, that's exponential growth within the next four decades! Who knows the impact this will have on our society and culture as well. With White Non-Hispanic Americans being less than half the population we are becoming a truly equally diverse society. Due to the diversity of it's people, the United States has some challenges to face in the coming years. We have to overcome discrimination of other races, those who are disabled, and the elderly. We have to look at others as Americans and not African-Americans,…show more content…
By portraying this type of idea through the media instead of them highlighting news stories of the police shooting African-American teens we can change the way people think about America. With the media showing the world racial tension they only create more anger and disruption in the world, more people see this and more racial tension builds. It's just a cycle that will never solve a problem. Introduce a new way of thinking and you start seeing change. The media isn't completely evil though, they do show appreciation towards other cultures in America through covering culturally based events and festivals that show Americans that there is much pride in being from another country in the United States. Many older generations are still prejudice to this and I don't think there is a way to change that so focusing on the younger generation and hoping for a change in the future is a smarter goal to work towards. Everyone can work towards this as individuals and practice the wonderful person-centered thinking, we can also work together to build this idea into a way to reduce prejudice and increase the appreciation for diversity by showing people how many things in America actually would not be

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