Arguments Against Assimilation In The United States

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Assimilation There are many people around the world who want to change their lives and make it better. Some of them leave their homes, their friends, their countries and come to the United States to find a better life here. For some newcomers the only way they can survive is living in their national communities, neighborhoods, but others try to assimilate to American people. Assimilation implies that people should forget their background to become a part of a new society. Although many people think that all immigrants should go through assimilation, however I believe that people can become a part of other culture without erasing their own background, because of several reasons. The first and the most important reason to be against assimilation is freedom aspect. Almost 250 years ago the people who lived in the United States decided to create a new country. A country where people are equal, and have freedom to choose how to live. The majority of immigrants who came to the United States was seeking freedom and trying to escape…show more content…
Assimilation implies that newcomers should dress the way Americans do. But many national and religious traditions require a certain way of dressing for men and women. These people may look more noticeable and different in the crowd, however nobody should force them to wear clothes that they do not want to. An integral part of every culture is holidays. The immigrants who celebrate American holidays do not want to give up their own ones. Listening to American folk, country, or pop music does not mean they will stop listening to music they used to listen in their countries. American food is very delicious and people who come from other countries usually like it. However they should be able to eat food they ate in their countries. The precious things that people have brought to USA from all over the world do not destroy but enhance American
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